Own Your Inner Power

Has the thought “why me?!” ever occurred to you? Are you bogged down by the challenges in your life? And are you ardently seeking a solution for all your problems? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the question, then this program is for you.

Most often we think that the problem is with the other person. If that person changes, life would be so much easier for you. It is so easy for you find the faults with the other person but fail to see our own flaws or may be even appreciate our own strengths that will lead you to success. The one solution for all your problems is loving yourself. By loving yourself, you are unlocking your potential to become your true-self and discovering all your strengths. You will be able to take 100 % responsibility and complete control of your life.

The Program will help you to Discover and Enhance your Self Love

3 Important Pillars of the program:

Own Your Inner Power Course 8 Days (25 Hours) Live

Program Testimonial


Self- Doubt

Worth Rs.5000/-
  • What kind of Self Doubts we have?
  • How Self Doubt is Killing Us?
  • Why we might have Self Doubt in the first place?
  • How to overcome self doubt?


Worth Rs.5000/-

Why do we need to be resilient?
Powerful examples of resilience
4 powerful ways to build resilience


Worth Rs.5000/-

Why are we not Vulnerable?
Why should you be Vulnerable?
How to be Vulnerable?

Webinar Master

Worth Rs.5000/-

Content Vs Context
Powerful tools to build engagement online
Power your webinar through Zoom

Winning Relationships

Worth Rs.5000/-

Emotional Awareness
Change State
Empathy, Self – Healing

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